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Having worked with CAME for over 35 years Eagle Security install and maintain the whole range of their barriers including the GARD GT automatic barriers range. Suitable for use in medium to large entrances in residential, industrial and urban settings. They have undergone extreme testing, and are suitable for intensive use up to 350 cycles per hour to ensuring efficiency in high traffic environments. They are galvanized and painted steel or stainless steel cabinet suitable for environments with corrosive atmospheric agents, e.g. saltiness and smog. They featue precision in slow down and accurate obstacle detection, the innovative Advanced Speed Control function continuously analyses the forces acting on the boom and adjusts the speed according to the parameters detected. The opening and closing speed is adjustable from 2 to 8 seconds depending on the barrier lemgth. The system incorperates RG LED lighting for greater safety. The lights, which regulate access by lighting up in red, flashing red or green, are integrated on both the head of the cabinet and on the boom, on both sides, to be visible in all conditions, even in foggy weather. The control electronics are designed to integrate photocells, flashing lights, the management of parking facilities and building automation systems. The systems can be interfaced with PC or smartphone App, as well as being compatibility with Alexa voice control systems.